ZLT - Zero Leak Technology

Zero Leak Technology

The answer to leak-free lifting is here!

SVI engineering worked to help owners of Rotary lifts by offering Zero Leak Technology (ZLT™) — a sealing system upgrade that retrofits the older common Rotary in-ground lifts used for passenger car and heavy-duty vehicle repair and service commonly performed by transit authorities and municipality lift users. Frustrations with previously unsolvable leaking problems and all the costs associated have caused many a lift owner to prematurely give up on their investment. Rather, they often opt for costly and unnecessary lift replacement at taxpayer expense. ZLT™ retrofit kits are specifically designed by SVI to save lifts that can still be found in use today from premature replacement. These lifts were constructed using fixed style Babbitt bearings and the dated technology of spring energized soft one-piece Buna (nitrile) seals.

Important—this is not a one-piece seal system like the original. Zero Leak Technology utilizes a separate seal and wiper to allow optimum contamination exclusion and clean, unimpeded seal performance. Now, high performance polymer sealing components are combined with a specially designed gland/upper bearing offering long-term, leak-free sealing.

These retrofit kits have been field tested and proven to address the leaking seal performance issues associated with Rotary in-ground lifts that used the old style one-piece spring energized seal design.

SVI ZLT™ sealing systems replace the following Rotary seal kit numbers JG220, JK227 and JL220. These style seals are typically found in these Rotary lift models DTO-28, FP-46, AP-50, AP-52, AC-60, AT-70. AT-1012, AT10210 and so on.

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