Telescopic Safety Leg

Telescopic Safety Leg

Instant. Ingenuity.

Having the ability to quickly solve problems in new and clever ways is an example of how SVI reacts to safety issues confronted in the field by distributors. Helping to make lifts safe for lift operators is what drives many of the products SVI has developed over the years.

The owner of the automotive shop runs a very professional shop that is kept neat and clean. Regardless of all the effort to keep the equipment running in tip-top shape, there was a problem with the safety leg guide tube on one of his in-ground lifts where a portion of an old safety leg broke off and was lodged in the lower section of the guide tube. The local lift repair professional that this shop relies on tried his best to get it out, but it just wasn’t possible.

Rather than be faced with the expense of putting in a new lift or digging down to fix the existing lift "the usual" happens. SVI’s phone rings and our distributor details the problem stating the customer really would like to save the lift. SVI engineering was told there was about 68" worth of good safety leg guide tube left to work with. Instantly, both the caller and the SVI representative arrived at the same conclusion, telescopic was the answer.

SVI went to work on this immediately after the phone call ended and literally 30 seconds later the design was conceptualized. It did, however, take another day to complete the engineering due diligence and create the shop drawings. Amazingly, the following day the new telescopic leg was ready for installation.

This old Weaver lift gets to stay put and continue functioning as one of the safest lift model types ever designed and produced. That’s what the customer wanted and that’s what SVI delivered.

It may sound bold, but: SVI is the lift industry’s answer.

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