Strainer for Waste Oil, Antifreeze, and more!

Ideal for all types of fluid transfer pumping.
  • Strains while pumping.
  • Protects pumps from debris damage.
  • Backflow prevention.
  • Up to 40 GPM Flow Rate
  • 3/4" NPTF Threads
  • Easy to Un-clog
  • This low-cost solution is an SVI Exclusive!

How many times have you or your customers become frustrated over a debris clog when pumping waste oil?
It happens all the time! So often it is rags, paper towels, sludge, and who-knows-what that gets clogged up in the suction line when emptying waste oil tanks. It is not just the clog that is so bad—it is the mess made from pulling out the suction line to remove the clogged item only to have oil pour all over the floor; what a mess!

Stop the mess and make clogs easier to solve than ever before. This waste oil suction line strainer from SVI allows for the free flow of oil in one direction. Hold vertically or horizontally under slight back pressure to prevent backflow leaking. Get a clog, pull the suction line out, wipe the clog clear and go right back to pumping without all the mess and stress. Made of a durable nylon material this strainer assembly is a must-have for anyone who routinely engages in waste oil evacuation or fluid transfer systems. SVI is your Answer!

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