Petroleum Equipment Repair Parts

Repair parts for Service Station Pumps, Tank Products, & Gasboy / Tokheim Consumer Series pumps
Gasboy Consumer Series Pump Repair Parts
Gasboy Consumer Series Pump Repair Parts
Petroleum Service Station Gas Pump Parts
Repair Parts for Gasboy Consumer Series Pumps, Agricultural Pump Parts Farm Pump Parts

Gasboy Consumer Series Pump Repair Parts

  • SVI is the exclusive supplier of repair parts for Gasboy / Tokheim Consumer Series pumps
  • SVI also is well-known for quality parts for overhead hose retractors, hose retractor clamps, bumpers, and hose stops
  • Looking for Lead and Wire Meter Seals and Crimping Tools? Call today for quick shipping from SVI!

Service station equipment goes through stress every day it is put into use. Even the best petroleum equipment is subject to chemical erosion, wear and tear that can result in breakdowns. That is why SVI supplies petroleum equipment repair parts to service stations across the country.

SVI has been providing repair parts to the petroleum industry since 1977. When your service station equipment is in need of repair, SVI offers a substantial inventory of repair parts in a wide range of categories, including time delay relays, spin-on filter elements, hose stops / hose bumpers, and lead and wire meter seals. We are a major provider of meter gaskets and kits for Bennett, Bowser, Gilbarco, A.O. Smith, Southwest, Tokheim, and Wayne meters. SVI also supplies amenities such as security cash boxes, signal bells and underground storage tank accessories for your service station. With three regionally located offices we cut down on shipping time and costs of delivery. SVI ships most parts same day.


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