Auto Shop Exhaust Removal Systems

CO (carbon monoxide) exhaust removal is not an option—it is an O.S.H.A. requirement.
Auto Shop Exhaust Removal Hoses and Tailpipe Adapters
Auto Shop Exhaust Removal Hoses and Tailpipe Adapters
Exhaust Removal Telescopic Overhead System, Telescopic Hose
Exhaust Removal Floor Fixture Flange Covers

Auto Shop Exhaust Removal Products

The right exhaust removal system is critical for any safe and O.S.H.A. compliant shop.

Since 1977, SVI has earned a reputation in the automotive service equipment industry as one of the most flexible and responsive companies through attention to customer needs and service. The same flexibility and responsiveness will be apparent to all who use the SVI line of exhaust removal parts. We listen to input, we listen to your needs, we innovate and we get the job done for you. Let’s go to work together and get the exhaust out of there.

SVI Specialties:

  • Telescopic Overhead Exhaust Removal Systems
  • In-Floor Exhaust Removal Systems
  • Standard and Blazing Fast Duct Work Saddles
  • Exhaust Hose Reels
  • Largest Selection of Versatile Tailpipe Adapters
  • Exhaust Removal Blowers
  • Quick Port Door Exhaust Systems
  • Big Rig Overhead Exhaust Systems
  • Large Selection and Lowest Prices on Exhaust Hose
  • Replacement Floor Fixture Flange Covers
  • Door-Stor™ Exhaust Hose Storage System

For Tailpipe Adapters, no one boasts a broader or more innovative selection. Take the Positive ID™ Tailpipe Adapter (pictured right) for example. The Positive ID™ is exactly what you need when you want a tailpipe adapter to easily fit and stay put. The Positive ID™ is the only tailpipe adapter that engages the inside of the tailpipe and works where others cannot.

Contact SVI for help with your exhaust system parts needs. Whether it is a replacement hose, a new overhead system, a tailpipe adapter that truly works, or to help specify a blower, SVI is the solid leader in exhaust removal parts. Just one look at our brochure and our skillfully crafted product line and you will know you have come to the right place.

Put SVI Exhaust Removal Products to work for you today.

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