Porsche Clutch Tool

SVI Can-Do Attitude Creates a Tool for Older Porsche Cars

Porsche 914, 911, 912 and 356 models have a good friend.

There are a growing number of older Porsche automobiles being restored. All these cars have one thing in common; the clutch and brake pedal cluster assembly is the same. Porsche restoration shops can have one heck of a hard time getting an old pedal cluster apart due to tow factors. There is no good way to grip the assembly to pull the clutch pedal off the shaft and if there is any corrosion whatsoever everything is locked all the tighter together. To make removal or disassembly of the pedal cluster easier for rebuilding purposes, SVI engineering came up with a clever new tool for shops specializing in restoration of Porsche 914, 911, 912 and 356 models.

This tool is an SVI innovation that works flawlessly and has proven very useful when reconditioning the brake and clutch pedal cluster on these old Porsche cars. It is hard to image that in all the years SVI got to be the inventor of this tool. SVI’s talents and can do attitude is the type of diversity so many have come to count on time and time again.

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