General Motors

General Motors! What, no one else would help them?

Well known as the largest and most respected problem solver in the automotive lift industry, General Motors knew exactly that SVI would help with a special production line need, when no one else would. As the new Chevrolet Volt and Cadillac ELR came on-line, an undercarriage clearance issue surfaced.

These cars with a special lift point clearance issue are each loaded on a lift and carefully quality control inspected. The existing lifts presented a problem as the swing arms would contact and crush the rocker panels before the adapters engaged the lifting point. Obviously unacceptable, General Motors, the World’s largest vehicle manufacturer, needed a solution and fast.

Turning immediately to SVI for help, the SVI engineering team went to work and developed a quick and safe solution using industry standards and appropriate safety factors. With several engineering options available, General Motors selected SVI’s recommended solution and quickly re-equipped their lifts with 72 newly designed SVI automotive lift arms produced to properly and safely lift the Chevy Volt and Cadillac ELR. Every time you see one of these cars going down the road just remember it crossed an SVI lifting solution before ever leaving the plant and heading to the showroom.

For the safest, most innovative solution and fastest response, General Motors relied on SVI, you should too. Regardless of whether a lift was made yesterday or decades ago, SVI is always willing to provide proven approved and properly engineered solutions that meet and often exceed automotive lift industry standards. SVI is your answer!

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