Engineering Services

Utilizing a vast array of today's modern technology and years of material and process knowledge, SVI offers full design and engineering services to its current customers and new clients alike.

With a staff of fully degreed mechanical engineers, SVI has taken on many challenging projects over the years with a high level of success. The vast array of SVI projects is impressive and include patented items such as the MPTR safety legs for automotive lifts, the Aqua Out™ automatic water removal system for in-ground containment tubs and a myriad of other projects. SVI engineering has even developed custom lifting equipment for public rail transport vehicles, specialty lifting cylinder styles for many industrial applications and a constant stream of useful custom solutions for all types of fleet vehicle lifting and other need specific applications.

SVI engineering is not limited and has even been useful in redesigning often with improvements some of the most important safety related components others have chosen to abandon in order to force pre-mature capital equipment obsolescence. SVI believes that keeping products abandoned by others available again forever is instrumental in keeping major capital expenditures to a minimum for the ultimate cost conscientious customers served by SVI. Why replace an otherwise perfectly good piece of capital equipment when just one part needs to be replaced? Let's face it, it is just plain wasteful. SVI is your answer.

An innovative spirit drives SVI engineering with an often almost immediate response time in conceptualizing special requests. Fast project turnaround and attentive reaction to special needs makes SVI a special asset that many have relied on repeatedly. In one particular case SVI was asked to help a major producer of hospital beds with streamlining their bed production assembly lines. In another instance SVI helped a major producer of large steel fabricated tanks both meet OSHA requirements but also improve productivity with a custom SVI exclusive solution. SVI is constantly engaged in one off and exclusively unique problem solving projects.

SVI engineering frequently serves the following industries:

  • Automotive Shop
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paint
  • Fluid Power
  • Printing
  • Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Turbine
  • Aluminum
  • Hydraulic
  • Agricultural
  • Public Transit
  • Petroleum
  • Landscaping
  • Air Compressor
  • Lubrication
  • Wheel Service
  • Auomotive Manufacturing
  • And Many More!

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