Aqua Out

Aqua Out™ another SVI problem solving solution

The patented SVI Aqua Out™ product for in-ground cassette-style lifts should be installed immediately at the same time of initial lift installation. Every time even the newest of these lifts are raised, fresh, moist air is drawn in to the containment tub. Down below the cool surroundings cause moisture in the air to condense, covering the ever important steel support structure with water. This condensed moisture (water) accumulates and starts its almost termite-like, rapid rust assault on the lift. The parts of the lift suffering from rusting deterioration are the same very parts that support 4,000 pounds of a four door sedan above a working shop technician’s head. Out of sight out of mind problems can be occurring beneath the technician’s feet.

Prevent potential out of sight, out of mind problems. When was the last time you actually looked below the surface?

Before SVI stepped in, there was no simple solution to automatic water removal for cassette style in-ground lifts. SVI is your answer!

The Aqua Out™ is designed for use in these typical lift models:
Challenger Lifts
CS0920, CS1020, CS1220, CS1520, EV1020, EV1220, EV1520, AV1020
J.A. Becker JAB
Twin Ram 35, Twin Ram 40
RAV1110, RAV1120
SL9, SL28, SL29, SL210, SL212
Wurth Canada
EV1020, EV1220, CS1020, EV1520
And so many more...

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