If a repair part exists, we have it or can make it.

SVI International, Inc is the leader in repair parts for automotive and industrial equipment. We have the automotive lift parts, auto lift cables, chains and pulleys for vehicle lifting systems. We have the vehicle shop equipment and repair parts for air compressors, brake lathes, tire changers, wheel balancers, lubrication and spray equipment, and complete exhaust removal systems. We have the hydraulic and pipe fittings, fluid delivery lines, and parts for petroleum equipment. We have the repair parts and accessories for your Gasboy / Tokheim Consumer Series Pumps.

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What We Do

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For four decades SVI has built an excellent reputation for providing quality products that have the right feel of value and performance that often more likely exceeds expectations. It is for this very reason SVI enjoys long-term relationships with both its valued customers and suppliers that span many years of commitment to one another. Purchasers of SVI products have always held a high level of confidence and new customers will quickly learn why SVI has the most dedicated and loyal base of customers with optimal satisfaction time and again. Quality is not just a statement, it is a standard. SVI is your Answer.


In an ever changing World and demanding business climate instantly is often not fast enough. That is the driving realization of how important and urgently customer needs and requirements must be addressed. It is always the goal and priority of every member of SVI to see inquiries for something special or standard orders for off the shelf items are processed with prompt, precision every time. Good service always seems to happen fast and poor service is often the product of delay. Our promise to you is to always stay focused on your needs and strive for frequently repeated customer accolades no matter the task we are asked to perform within our abilities.

Our Business

Practical Solutions + Innovation. That's SVI.

With an impressive inventory of over 15,000 in-stock repair parts for auto lift parts and automotive equipment repair parts, SVI offers practical, affordable solutions for your automotive lift repair needs. But we don't stop there. Since our beginning in 1977, our company has evolved into a repair parts solution for multiple industries, and we're still growing.

We're innovators in providing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) services to make parts that are either out of production or needed for production runs on new equipment.


Automotive Shop Equipment & Repair Parts

From auto lifts to brake lathes, SVI is a leading provider of parts for automotive shop equipment. We stock and sell common and hard-to-find parts while using our manufacturing capability to provide parts for many types of machinery.

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Fluid Delivery

The true engine of many automotive and industrial shops is fluid delivery. SVI provides key installation and repair parts including steel hydraulic line tubing and fittings to keep fluid delivery systems in full working order.

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Industrial Products & Parts

The machines that drive manufacturing and production need reliable sources of repair parts for upkeep and maintenance. SVI has the diverse inventory and manufacturing capacity to provide or create the parts you need. From hydraulic cylinders, specialty fabrication to solenoid valves, SVI has it all!

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Lubrication & Paint Spray Repair Parts

SVI stocks repair kits and replacement parts that keep lubrication and paint spray equipment running at full capacity.

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Petroleum Equipment

SVI is a key maintenance supply partner for many contractors, companies and distributors of gas pumps and repair parts for Gasboy Consumer Series Pumps.

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Lifting Equipment

For lift users seeking straightforward, uncomplicated performance and stability in vehicle lifting equipment, SVI delivers proven products to meet those needs.

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