Exhaust Hoses & Accessories

SVI is your complete source for the removal of exhaust
  • Our exhaust hoses are used everywhere vehicle service is performed.
  • We help you keep auto service technicians safe from carbon monoxide (CO).
  • Our diverse array of exhaust hoses and accessories makes it easy to develop your exhaust system.

SVI provides everything you need to properly size and develop your exhaust ventilation system. From finding the right blower to selecting the appropriate automotive exhaust hose, every step of the development process becomes simpler with our help.

SVI offers a wide selection of exhaust hose to meet all automotive service applications. Our rubber hose is made from a compound specially formulated to withstand up to 600°F of tailpipe exhaust temperatures. Even at high temperatures, it will maintain maximum flexibility and durability. This innovative compound had kept pace with the emergence of high heat-producing catalytic converters and emission control devices.

Call today to order your Crushproof Hose. Flarelock hose, Unihose, Superflex Hose, Act Hose, Wire Inserted Hose, Stainless Steel, and Fabric Wire-Wrap are among your options here at SVI when it comes to exhaust hose! In addition to hose, rely on SVI for tailpipe adapters and connectors.

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