Aqua-Out Water Removal System for Cassette-Style Auto Lifts

Prevent water damage to your cassette-style auto lift today. Keep the water out!
  • This SVI-exclusive solution automatically fixes your water level problem
  • Prevent potential out-of-sight, out of mind problems!
  • Remove water, rust and corrosion
  • Protect your investment by eliminating routine pump out maintenance
  • Easily install the Aqua-Out Water Removal System on your Cassette Lift

Tired of water collecting at the bottom of your cassette lift? You don’t want water at the bottom of your cassette lift corroding the parts away — you need to get rid of that water and keep your lift operating safely. The SVI dream team saw this potential hazard and decided to fix the problem. SVI's patented Aqua-Out system is the perfect solution. The easily installed Aqua-Out automatic water removal system removes the water from your lift every time the lift is lowered or the air valve is actuated. No more water in a cassette lift and a much safer environment for you to work in.

Incorporating a pump, moisture filter/regulator and an in-line filter designed for demanding application and heavy use, you can prolong the life of your investment – affordably and smartly.

Don’t delay – make this purchase today. Your auto lift is one of the most important parts of your facility, and this Aqua-Out system protects your investment quickly and efficiently. SVI provides the best low-cost solutions for the needs of your operation with no downtime.

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