Check Valves

Vertical and Horizontal Check Valves
  • SVI provides check valves that deliver maximum performance with minimum maintenance
  • Spring-loaded check valves are constructed to high quality standards
  • Soft Seat or Hard Seat Check Valves Available; springs are made of stainless steel

Spring-loaded dashpot check valves are designed to cushion the closing action of the valves to prevent the hammering noise evident in many other check valves. The materials selected for construction of each of our check valves are designed to operate under wet or dry conditions and temperature ranges that can get as high as 350°F or 400° before compromising integrity.

Each check valve is designed to perform specific applications and is enhanced with materials such as Teflon to smooth operation as needed. Note that some check valve parts should not be used in contact with liquid, steam systems, or oil-less applications, while others are specifically designed for alternative uses such as non-return air or cold liquid service applications.

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